Saturday, March 31, 2007

Round-up for POTATO : Part 2

Breakfast / Brunch

She made these at home for the first time. All worth the effort, I am sure. :-)

It is less of a dish and more of an achievement.


Apparently, a regular feature at her mother's home in the hot summer months.

Now, what do you like more? The preparation or the pan or the photograph? :-)

Visit her post not just for the recipe but also for a few quotes and anecdotes.

You have seen recipes by mothers and mothers-in-law, but how many have you seen by fathers-in-law? Not many? Well, here's one.

For those who thought that potatoes are more for celebrations: Think again! Potatoes also belong to the plate when you are recuperating. Especially when the taste-buds need to be brought back to life...

This one will be great if paired with Jowar Rotis, I feel. A humble, healthy yet hearty meal that'd be.

Main Dishes

That's curry and rice in one!

Salads / Side dishes

Did you know of a variey called Nicola Potatoes? And that they are waxy? Well, now you do! :-)

Potato Salad with Red Bell Peppers...hmmmm....Interesting!

The stuffing is potato!

The recipe is explained only in three steps. Too easy to be true? :-)


A combination of diverse ingredients.

Snacks / Starters

A traditional Maharashtrian fasting-snack. Of course, you don't necessarily have to be fasting to enjoy this one!

Deliciously pretty!

Apparently, potatoes have never been a favourite in her home. There are exceptions to every rule!


Desserts !

How do we decide who is versatile? The dish or its creator?

A good-looking dessert. And rather guilt-free too!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Round-up for POTATO : Part 1

My Hotmail inbox has never ever seen so many new mails coming in within such a short span of time. Nearly 20 new mails every day?! Hosting JFI does make you feel important, Beybeh! :-)

And it also makes you get tense! How am I gonna visit so many blogs? And how am I gonna read through so many posts? What happens to all those fancy ideas that I had for the round-up? Too many questions, and nearly no answers. What do I do then? Well, I do what I do best in such situations. Cannot decide on something? Procrastinate! I know, it's a lousy idea, but I often tend to do that, when I can't handle something. Which should explain the 10-day-long wait till the round-up, I guess.

Anyway, let me just stop this blabber and open up the gallery of Potato dishes. And hey, do not forget to bookmark this page coz when you run out of all veggies, you always still have potatoes...and whenever you run out of potato recipes, this is where you'll find something. :-)

By the way, I am publishing the round-up in parts because handling a post three times this big is not really easy. So, here's the first part.

* Please move the cursor over the picture to see the name of the dish and its creator. Click on it to get to the post.

Breakfast / Brunch

Chiroti Stuffed Paratha by Food Lover

This new blogger on the block gives us two fantastic recipes which can be made with leftover Potato Bhaji. Scroll down for the other one...

Hash Browns by Jai & Bee

A great looking breakfast dish. And guess what, the post gives you Nutrition Info too!

Stuffed Idli by Food Lover

Aren't they pretty? And hey, these two-in-one Idlis are very practical too.

Stuffed Paratha by Manasi
Hope the house did not get as messy after cooking these as it used to become when she was small. ;-)

Swiss Rosti by Coffee

Tasty. Can-be-made-healthy. Exotic. What more do we want?


Aloo Dumb by SRA

You can try this once you are tired of making of Dum Aloo the Kashmiri and the Benarasi and the Hyderabadi and the Chettinad way. Don't believe me? Check out the post!

Aloo Capscicum Subzi by Vidhya
She calls it just one of the many versions possible. I think it is more than just that...

Aloo Methi Fry by Deepz

A classic!

Aloo Palak Kadhi by Asha

Just one of the hundred superb things that she manages to cook every day...

Alu Posto by Mandira

Yet another classic! This time around it's from a Bengali kitchen.

Baby Potatoes in Spicy Gravy by Indosungod
One look at the photograph and you know that this curry is rich...and spicy. And what's the surprise? Mustard seeds in the paste!

Jaini Aloo by Anita

Be ready to be pulled aside for the recipe of this one, if you are making it for a big crowd!

Marbled Minty Koftas in Tomato Gravy by Vini
If this is not different, what is?

Ooralakazhangu by Kanchana

Kanchana says that this is the yummiest potato curry ever. And that you can make Potato Curry Sandwiches with it. You can make what? Yeah, exactly.

Potato Curry by Smitha
You too don't mind gobbling it up with hot 'Puris' without counting them, do you?

Potato Kurma by Madhavi

Apparently, you could serve it with Coconut Pulav. Oooooh, sinful!

Main dishes

Gnocchi with Garlic & Red pepper flakes
And who said making Gnocchi at home was tedious?

Roesti-topped Salmon Pie by Sajeda
Interesting combination, eh?

Salads / Side dishes

Aloo Raita by Anita
A cool recipe that is definitely a keeper for hot summers.

Alu Broccoli Pacchadi by Gowry

A recipe passed down by a grandmother has different charm, right?

Potato Salad by Murnie

Easy to put together. Yet great to taste, I am sure. (Btw, that rhymes!)

Sweet & Sour Chilli Potatoes by Annita
Check out the post in case you want to know more about the Hakka Chinese cuisine in India!

Tandoori Alu by Shilpa
I am sure they are a crowd-pleaser at any party. Baby potatoes always are, aren't they?


Aloo Kathi Roll by Spice Lover

Perfect for my carry-to-work lunch, I feel.

Aloo Tikkis by Manasi
Another classic!

Baked Herby Potato Wedges by Anh
Potatoes need not always be fattening, right?

Cheese Veggie Potato Cutlet by Dumela

Dumela brings these Cutlets to us despite an emergency surgery. That's the spirit!

Oven Roasted Potatoes with Cheese Sauce by Pavani

Potato Patties by Jasmine
Don't you wish somebody offered you Patties with a steming cup of tea after a hard day's work? :-)

Soya Chunks Potato Patties by Sharmi
This entry is one of her very first posts. Actually, she started her blog because she wanted to participate in this event. Sweet, isn't it?