Thursday, June 01, 2006

Berry Easy Yoghurt Cake


Strawberry Yoghurt cake with white chocolate-dipped strawberries
This cake can be considered as one of the milestones in my baking adventures. (Oh Boy, I am so good at making myself sound important!) I started baking cakes rather early. Late school days, as far as I remember. It was with my mother's help, who is a meticulous baker. Also, she has a degree in Home Science, so she used to see to it, that we used the correct amount of all ingredients. I always used to enjoy it, although it sometimes used to be a tiring experience. Because
a) We didn't have a hand-held blender then. My mother still doesn't. Turning the batter by hand can definitely take the sweat out of you towards the end.
b) Being very particular about the quantity of the stuff that goes into it, checking whether none of the utensils/spoons are wet, making sure that you turn the batter always only in one direction can at times be strenuous for the brain.
But as I said, it still used to be fun. Also, the delicious cakes that then used to come out of the oven (which, by the way, was a basic model with no temperature regulator) were always so delicious, that we (my younger sister and I) would look always forward to the next baking session.

So, this particular cake, that I have baked for the Jihva for Ingredients event, was the one which shook the basic foundation of cake-baking for me. It was N, my ex-colleague in UK (French by birth and tired of all the Froggie jokes & presents), who gave me this recipe. By the way, she did not really give me the recipe, she just shouted it out from across the desks. Moreover, the quantities were all approximate. Like she said (read yelled): Two-three eggs. Two-three eggs??? How can anybody be so casual about this? It has to be either two OR three eggs. Same was the case with baking powder. She said that she always used self raising flour for this. But what if I want to use regular flour? Well, I had to work it out myself.

All said and done, N was very very charming. And so is this cake. And the recipe is more so, because it does not require any measuring cups or spoons. What do you measure the ingredients with then? Well, yoghurt pots. That's right. Yoghurt pots. To be precise, a yoghurt pot. You use the same pot, which has the yoghurt that would go into this cake. Great, isn't it?
And yes, N, this post is dedicated to you.

Recipe for Easy Yoghurt Cake

In the centre: Strawberry yoghurt;
In the outer circle, clockwise from top: egg, flour, sugar, egg, oil, sugar, egg, flour, flour


1 pot strawberry yoghurt with real strawberry pieces (I assume that the quantity is 150g. everywhere.)
3 pots self-raising flour (I used two pots white and one pot wholewheat.)
2 pots sugar
½ pot vegetable oil (I used sunflower.)
1 egg (as opposed to the three featured in the earlier picture as well as in the introduction)


1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C.
2. Grease a loaf tin. (I use one made of silicone. Can it technically be called a 'tin'?) Line the base with greaseproof paper, if you like.
3. Beat the egg in a bowl.
4. Add the yoghurt. Measure sugar and oil with the same pot. Add them too and combine well.
5. Measure the self-raising flour again with the same pot, add to the batter and mix thoroughly. You could add all of it in one go, in case using a hand-held mixer. If turning the batter by hand, adding two spoonfuls at a time makes it much easier.
6. Pour the batter into the prepared tin and bake for 35 minutes or until a skewer/knife inserted in the centre of the cake comes out clean.
7. Take the tin out of the oven and let it cool for five minutes.
8. Turn the cake out on a wire rack and cool completely before serving/storing in an airtight container.

Easy? I told you so.

Strawberry Yoghurt cake

Some handy Notes:
1. In case not using self-raising flour, adding 2 tsp of baking powder to the regular flour gives the same results.
2. You could use yoghurt with any fruit. My personal choice, however, is always strawberry.

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Anonymous said...

Thats a good entry for the JFI event :).

Neelu said...

YUM..............cake looks wonderful ,very creative abt arranging pots and eggs, and I want ot have it NOW!!! hehehehe Will taste great with a slice of ice cream ,my fav combo.

Ashwini said...

I have been meaning to make this cake since I first read about it on Clotilde's site (chocolate & zucchini) but never got around to it. I found that yogurt pot thingie so charming. Apparently this is the first cake that French girls learn to make bcoz its not so heavy on precision. You have finally given me the push (maybe!!). I loved your photo of the pots

archana said...

Interesting Recipe,will try it sometime soon

Unknown said...

Very Nice Vaishali, I like the way your cake has turned real brown on the outside- it goes on my must try list

Vineela said...

Hi Vaishali,
i like the pictures main one and with all ingredients.
i have to try this .Thanks for your tips and nice presentation.

Anonymous said...

Vaishali I want to bake this cake right at this moment, it really seems yummy and I love the no brainer measurements. Hope rasberry yogurt gives the same results( its the only one left home).Will let you know.

Anonymous said...

So, you are a collector of yogurt pots? huh :)

Sounds easy and by the looks, very tasty. Certainly will give it a try.

Nabeela said...

looks like we kind of made the same thing for the JFI event :)...your cake looks good

Anonymous said...

very delicious looking cake vaisahli....

Tell me how do the silicone bakeare work?? better than the regular metal ones??

Anonymous said...

very original photographs and presentation ideas... am sure that the cake was also tasty..


Vaishali said...

Thanks, Shilpa. And I was thinking that people might shout 'foul foul', because I haven't used strawberries in their pure form.

Thanks, Neelu. The arrangement looks like Rangoli, doesn't it?
With ice-cream? I think, that will be pucca indulgence. Go for it, Girl!

Hey Ashwini, thanks for letting me know about Clotilde's site, and that she has written about this before. I was thinking that I was the FIRST one to introduce the world to this gem. I'll go check out Choc & Zucch now.

I will look forward to your post on this cake, Archana.

Nandita, the crust is perhaps the best thing about this cake. I sometimes feel like being mean and eating up the crust all by myself and then leaving the naked cake for the rest of the family. But no, I don't do it. I am a good wife and a good mother. ;) ;)

Thanks, Vineela. Does the setting in the first picture look as though the plate was going to be served to somebody left-handed? :)

Isha, did you bake this cake then? Raspberry yoghurt should be yum too.

Indira, *grin* *grin* *blush* *blush*

Nabeela, your Strawberry Bread looks good too.

Santhi, I won't say that silicone bakeware is any better. However, it is easier to store, because it bends and is very light-weight.

Thanks, Anonymous. I appreciate your appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you have a nice blog up here .The yoghurt cake looks delicious :)

sailu said...

Those pictures are lovely esp the one with ingredients. Nice presentation.

I wish I could bake this cake...but I dont get strawberries here in Vizag. At least I get to drool over your pictures..:)

KA said...

Nice pictures Vaishali! Healthy recipe too..

indianadoc said...

that's quite interesting...I'll add it to my' To do' list...

BDSN said...

yogurt pots or 150gm...hmmm i guess 150 gms sounds much feasible with the tools i have...HAHA!but your recipe is very simple...shld try it sometime...

Anonymous said...

Finally baked the cake, turned out great, dabba was empty in two days. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

Vaishali said...

Welcome to my blog, Lera. The cake is delicious indeed.

Sailu, I know, strawberries are a rarity in India, but hey, maybe you can bake the cake with plain yoghurt and add any essence that you like. It won't be the real thing, but might still be worth trying.

Thanks, Arjuna.

Welcome to 'Happy Burp', Indianadoc. Do let me know, if you try it out.

BDSN, feel free to adapt it to your liking and convenience. This cake recipe is far more forgiving than many others.

Hey Isha, thank you so much for trying it out and letting me know. This recipe is for keepers, isn't it? Btw, is the container totally empty? Not a single slice for me left? *sob*

Anonymous said...

Nice sight! I tried this recipe but it turned out very bready with a really dry dough. I actually tripled it, so maybe that's where I went wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hi vaishali..delicious lukng cake.
N d recipie is also simple n interesting..m keen on baking it shrtly..I hd a few doubts abt it as m new to baking..nid ur help pls..Aftr beating d egg in d bowl,u hav mentioned to add yoghurt,oil n sugar to it n r we supposed to beat in these ingredients also one by one or just add them and mix them properly by hand..?..pls lemme kno..
Thnks in advance..:-)

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Sangeetha said...

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