Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jihva for Jaggery : Carrot Jaggery Parathas


Carrot Jaggery Parathas served with Ghee

Jaggery was introduced to me when I was a toddler, as is the case with many children in Maharashtra/India. ‘Gool Toop Poli’ (jaggery, Ghee and chapati) is a staple for toddlers and young children. And why should it not be, considering that it is nutritious as well as quick to put together. Moreover, children always eat with more gusto, if the food is sweet. Well, at least I used to and so does my daughter. :)

Coming to these Parathas, I had found the recipe more than two years back in the supplement of a Marathi daily. I had cut it out then, but never really managed to try it out. When Kay asked us all Food-Bloggers to "try a recipe with jaggery that we've never tried before", I knew I had to grab that envelope,which carries all the recipe cuttings I have made from various sources. The original author has called this preparation 'Thalipeeth', which in my opinion is not the right word. Also, I have reduced the quantity of jaggery in it by half, because the Parathas would have become too sweet otherwise. The rest of the recipe is like this.

Recipe for Carrot Jaggery Parathas

Makes approx. 8 Parathas of 12 cms. diameter


250 g. OR 3 medium carrots (approx. 2 cups when grated)
125 g. jaggery (approx. 1½ cups when grated)
1¼ cups wheat flour (Please refer to Step 6 for the quantity.)
some more wheat flour OR rice flour OR oil to roll the Parathas
a generous pinch of salt (or to taste)
6-7 tbsp oil

Ghee to serve the Parathas with


1. Wash, peel and grate the carrots. Grate the jaggery separately.
2. Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan and add the grated carrots to it. Stir the carrot gratings and cover the pan. Let cook for 2-3 minutes on medium-high heat.
3. Uncover the pan and add the jaggery to it. Stir to mix well.
4. Take the pan off heat as soon as all the jaggery has melted. Let the mixture cool completely.
5. Take the cooled mixture into a large, shallow dish or a mixing bowl and add salt to it.
6. Now add the wheat flour a little at a time and knead as you go. Add as much wheat flour as the carrot-jaggery mixture allows you to.
7. Knead well to make a dough similar to that of chapati. Add 2 tsp oil to it towards the end.
8. Divide this dough into 8 portions. Dust a rolling board with wheat or rice flour OR oil it. (I oiled the board and the rolling pin.)
9. Roll one portion of the dough to form a circle with a thickness of about ½ centimetre.
10. Roast this circle on both sides on a hot griddle or Tava until tiny, brown spots appear. Sprinkle a little oil on it, if you want the Parathas to become softer.
11. Make more Parathas like this with the rest of the dough.

Serve them warm or at room temperature with Ghee. They taste better after a few hours of making them.

Since these Parathas have no water in them, they keep well for several days. Although I must say that they do not last more than one day, because they are so tasty. :)

They are not only tasty, but highly nourishing too. Carrots provide the much needed carotene and jaggery brings along loads of iron. Wheat flour gives carbohydrates and the oil makes the absorption of some of the nutrients easier. Ghee stops the jaggery from increasing the body's heat and also gives Omega 3 fatty acids.

I think they are great for growing children. Maybe Kay wants to keep this recipe for later? For when Meera grows up and comes home from school tired and hungry? :)


Anonymous said...

Ooh, Carrot Jaggery Parathas! that Tsounds good, Vaishali! I hope you get to post the recipe and pictures soon!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Awaiting, awaiting... behave, blogger :)

Asha said...

That's sounds wonderful,Vaishali! Hope you will get access later to blogger.If you haven't changed to Beta already, switch it.You will see the difference!


Waiting...waiting....and waiting,
Intijaari...Bekarari, Darbadar........

Lakshmi said...

that's a new recipe for me.

Anonymous said...

Carrot jaggery parathas served with toop ! YUMM !

Mandira said...

Wow, the parathas looks delicious. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, tiffin or dinner :)

Manasi said...

Aha! I was wondering when u'd put up the post! Worth the wait! Very nice recipe. Will try soon. Thanx :D

Meena Kandlakuti said...

nice recipe vaishali..Iam sure children will love this..and sounds healthy for them.Thanx for sharing

Ashwini said...

I'd fight with Meera for a piece of that ;-)
Such a typical school time snack isnt it? Worth the wait Vaishali

Anonymous said...

Wow...they look beautiful. Yo might even call them gajar poli (a sister of puran poli) :D. A nice recipe for JFI.

indosungod said...

Vaishali, those parathas are delicious, I have 2 hungry kids who are going to absolutely love this.

Menu Today said...

Hi Vaishali,
Very interesting and new dish for JFI. Carrot and Jaggery good combination. I will try this and let you know. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great recipe Vaishali..... and as you said, they are a perfect source of nutrition for the kids :)

Unknown said...

great idea Vaishali! I will try these soon - nice for a picnic basket too!

Krithika said...

I think my kids will love this. Great recipe.

Vini K said...

Hi Vaishali,great idea of combining carrots and jaggery...Definitely have to try this one!

Shammi said...

Yum yum yum!

Pooja said...

hi vaishali,
totally a new recipe for me. simple sureallperb entry for jihva for jaggery .


So far I knew only Gagar Ka Halva. (Remember tipical dialogue "Aaaj mere maa ne mere liye aapne haatose Gagar Ka Halva Banaya Hai") and Gul Poli.

The combination seems to be not only very tasty but healthy.

Sunila said...

Sounds great,will try in a day or 2.i love pooranpolis but they take longer to cook and these seem healthier 2 and with ghee :0) i have to lose post pregnancy wt: but what the hell !cant lose out on taste!

Anonymous said...

Wow, don't they look rich and delicious!! But I am afraid to make them, Vaishali... I would eat the whole batch myself :)

This comment has been removed by the author.
Anupama said...

Vaishali, 24 comments and now I get to see these. They are fantatic. I just made carrot and coriander parathas yesterday, and now carrot and jaggery parathas. Devu will be on top of the world when i make these for his Dabba.

Gustad said...

carrots, wow. nice :-)

Vaishali said...

Vani, Linda, Asha & HKji, Blogger did give me trouble while I tried to publish this post. Phew...

Lakshmi, Priya, Mandira, Manasi, Meena, thanks for the nice words.

Ashwini, you'd fight with a small child for a piece? Hmmm...

Shilpa, Gajar Poli? I like it. :)

Indo, MT, Bhargavi, Rooma, all of you sound so encouraging. Thanks.

Nandita, picnic basket? A great idea! Thanks ya.

Krithika, Vini, Shammi, Pooja, I wish I could share some of these Parathas with you; you'd certainly like them.

HKji, yeah, I guess, I'll make these Parathas for my daughter and say, "Mooh haath dho lo, beti. Maine apne haathon se...blah...blah..". :)

Sunila, post pregnancy weight? Oooh, you are touching a sensitive topic here. :)

Oh, I so agree with you, Linda. I too could finish a batch of these. :)

Anupama, Dev is a lucky boy, if he is getting even a fraction of those lovely dishes on your blog in his Dabba. :)

Gustad at my blog? Wow. Nice. :)

Kay said...

Yep, I'll try to master this before Meera grows up... I'm sure she'll love it. :)

Ashwini, I'll make lots of these for you, if you come by. You can have it with icecream too, if you like.. because that's how I'll be having it! :P

Priyanka said...


Tried these and loved it. Really nutritiuous and tasty.

Anonymous said...


I tried the carrot jaggery parathas yesterday, and somehow, the parathas came out no so soft. It was very hard. Would you be able to give a guess as what I might have done wrong here? the taste was very delicious though except for the hardness.

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Anonymous said...

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Wow, the parathas looks delicious. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, tiffin or dinner :)

Sangeetha said...

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