Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cooking Rice in the Microwave Oven

Many of you must already be cooking rice successfully in the microwave oven. It is as uncomplicated as boiling water, once you get the hang of it. If you are doing it regularly, then you don't even think about it. Your hands use their memory to do all the steps. Somewhat like driving maybe?

However, I have come across many people, who use a microwave oven for years, but only for reheating and never for cooking anything. Since I use it regularly for cooking food as well, I am often asked questions about it. Hence this post.

I must make it clear at the beginning itself, that this is no fool-proof method, only a tried and tested one. You have to play around a little bit with that gadget to get the feel of it. Go ahead and experiment, it's not going to explode. :) Most of the home appliances made nowadays are rather strong and can sustain some abuse too. Try and see what happens by pushing all the buttons and turning all the knobs at least once. Many of you bloggers/readers are with science/engineering background, so I don't have to stress the importance of reading the user's manual either. Also, please check the wattage of your microwave, because the cooking times increase or decrease inversely proportional to it. I use a 700Watt microwave oven at the moment, so all timings mentioned here correspond to that.

Although what I am going to write here is not a 'recipe', I will still call it that for want of a better word.

Recipe for Cooking Rice in the MW oven


Rice as per your need
Water, twice the amount of the rice and a little more

A few typical examples would be

½ cup rice & 1 cup + 2 tbsp water
¾ cup rice & 1 ¾ water
1 cup rice & 2 ¼ cups water
1 ½ cups rice & 3 ½ cups water


1. Take a glass (e.g. Pyrex) container. I have observed that cooking in porcelain/ceramic and plastic containers does not give satisfactory results, although they are microwave-friendly and can be used successfully for reheating food.

2. Take the required amount of rice in it and wash it a couple of times. Let's not forget that washing rice more often results in loss of important nutrients.

3. Add the appropriate amount of water to the rice.

Rice being soaked

Now, there are many theories regarding the rice being soaked in water before being cooked in the microwave. The recommended soaking times vary from 10 to 30 minutes. I have seen that soaking the rice reduces cooking time - but only by a minute or two. So, in the end effect, it's not really a time-saving idea. I, however, still always soak the rice for about 10 minutes. I somehow feel that it cooks better when soaked.

4. Place the vessel with rice and water in the centre of the microwave now. Set the time. This can vary for different microwaves with different power. Below are the times rice takes to cook in my microwave with 700Watt.

½ cup rice 9 minutes
¾ cup rice 12 minutes
1 cup rice 16 minutes
1¼ cups rice 20 minutes
1½ cups rice 23 minutes

Please note that rice will take less time, if your microwave has higher wattage and vice versa.

5. Once the rice is cooked, it will look like in the picture below. The rice grains will have attained their full cooked length, they will be somewhat separate and almost all the water will have dried out. The grains on the top surface will still be 'sleeping'.

Sleeping grains of cooked rice before standing time

However, leave the rice in the microwave for another five minutes for it to stand. Make sure that the microwave is turned off then. The standing time allows the rice to cook to its optimum. Once it has stood well, the rice grains will look pretty as they will be in a 'standing' position, as you can see in the very first picture in this post. (I don't have a high-resolution camera. It's a Kodak 3.2 mega pixels CX 7300. Hence my pictures are not as clear as I would have loved them to be. Sorry.)

A few things worth keeping in mind:

1. Do not cover the rice while cooking in the microwave at any stage. The water in it can boil over. Cover the vessel only after the standing time is over. If it is covered before the standing time is over, the rice grains do not stand up in a 'saluting' position. This, however, makes no difference to the taste and the texture of the rice.

2. Do not bother stirring the rice in between. It is neither necessary nor recommended.

3. You could add a few drops of lime juice to the rice while cooking, so that you get whiter looking rice. (Safedi ki chamkaar jyaada! :))

4. Adding a small blob of butter or a few drops of ghee while cooking gives the rice a pleasant sheen.

The advantages of cooking rice in the microwave oven are:

1. This versatile gadget doubles up as a rice cooker. It comes in handy especially when you are cooking several items at the same time and there is no gas burner/hot plate 'free' for rice.

2. You don't have to keep an eye on it (or keep an ear open for the pressue cooker whistle) once you have set the correct time.

3. Rice gets cooked very well with separate rice grains, which are ideal also for making various kinds of pulao.

4. Rice can be reheated in the same container as it was cooked in. Since it is cooked in a glass vessel, it can also be proudly put in front of guests as it is. Transfering it from the everyday vessel into a 'good' container is not necessary then.

I hope I have mentioned all the points that one needs to keep in mind when cooking rice in the microwave oven. In case I have forgotten any or you have some more tips, please feel free to point it out to me.

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Sumitha said...

Very well written Vaishali!I have always feared to make rice in the microwave,but with your clear cut description I will give it a try!

Vielen Danke

Luv2cook said...


Well written. This is how my roomates and I cooked rice during all my student life here in the U.S. I still do it sometimess, especially if I have only a little amount of rice to cook!

KA said...

Good post Vaishali. I do use microwave for cooking rice but I use the microwave rice cooker to do the job. MW is quite a nifty thing isn't it, I use it to steam cook veggies, omlettes etc all.

Anonymous said...

Good write-up! I soak rice in water too before cooking. The soaking just breaks the hardness of the grains and the outcome is soft. Also I do recommend not using plastic dishes for reheating/cooking purposes. Just me!

Vineela said...

Hai Vaishali,
Its like seeing Altonbrown's demo on tv.
Nice presentation.

Vaishali said...

Sumitha, vielen Dank for the compliment. :) Give it a try and let me know. I wish you a lot of success with your microwave.

Thanks, L2C. Roommates, student-life, cooking (and messing up?) together...that was sure fun.

KA, MW rice cooker? Now what's that? Don't tell me I am still living in an older era of microwaves.

Mythili, 'Vaish'?!...I like it. :) Many of my classmates in school, college/university used to call me that. As far as plastic is concerned, I, too, am kinda uncomfortable with it. I am never too sure of that petrochemical product.

Thanks, Vineela. But who is Alton Brown? An American icon? I have never been to the US, you see. Will do a search for him on google now.

Anonymous said...

Very good detailed instructions for this much-spoken-about-less-tried-out way of making rice. Do you think this is an energy-efficient way too?

Anonymous said...

Extremly detailed and very useful post vaishali..
Great job

RP said...

Very nice post! I have cooked rice in the microwave a few times. I have even tried adding pulav masala and vegetables to it. So easy. Standing time is important.
I am too hearing for the first time about microwave rice cooker. Googled and found out what it is. Looks good.

RP said...

I don't use plastic in the microwave either. I use corningware or pyrex dishes. Just wanted to add that. :)

Nandan said...

Thanks vaishali for the detailed description. I would always get 'sleeping' rice at the end of the cooking. The tip to get it in saluting position is definitely worth trying and so is the addition of lime juice/butter. By any chance, is it possible to make khichdi (with rice and moong daal) in microwave entirely?

Unknown said...

Very interestingly written on something as simple as making rice ! I used to make rice regularly in microwave when I was awaiting for someone to bring me my small cooker to the US. I find my small 2L Hawkins absolutely indispensable in this regard- i can make rice in 5 min and i have always found the rice to be well cooked yet each grain separate (one has to remember not to put too much water though)

Like RP, I add masalas, veggies and a small bit of ghee, and in 10 min pulao is ready!

Good post Vaishali- actually came here to check whether you have posted something for the spice is right event-

Good work

Vaishali said...

Anon, I have no clue about the 'energy-efficient' bit. Sorry. I'll try to find out, though. Thanks for giving the impulse.

Thanks, Santhi. I hope this helps people lose inhibitions about the MW.

RP, I, too, googled out MW rice cooker. I think it's a cool accessory.

Nandan, it is absolutely possible to make 'Mugachya daalichi Khichadi' in the MW. I would love to blog about it, but don't think that I'll manage it in the near future.

Nandita, no, I didn't manage to make anything for the Tigers and Strawberries event. *sob* Hey, but thanks for coming here to check that. I appreciate it.

BDSN said...

I cook rice by the microwave al the time...Yes i do love the soaking time for rice bcoz it comes out soft and the volume increases upto the top of the bowl (which does not happen when unsoaked) and the rice appears milky white if soaked...

KA said...

MW rice cooker looks mostly like a normal rice cooker and it is very inexpensive too, you should be able to find it any kitchen store or stores like wal-mart(US)..
They carry a whole range of utensils for microwave cooking, I use the MW egg poacher to make omlettes or idly..

Unknown said...

This wat I also do at times tat I need only 1 portion of rice. Very convenient.

Neelu said...

I m from just across the street :) Premnagar :) Now dont tell me u went to muktangan :) hahahaha

Vaishali said...

Anon again, I asked around and have now found out that using MW oven for cooking is not really and energy-efficient method. Pressure-cooking is perhaps the best. But then, it is always better to know different options, right? Just in case. Anyway, thanks for bringing this point to my notice.

BDSN, you described that so well! We should have done this post in collaboration. It would have come out much better then.

KA, thanks so much for coming back for this. I googled out about the MW rice cooker in the meanwhile. Cool thing. Btw, using egg poacher as idli maker is such a great idea. And I thought I was the smartest of us all! :) Thanks for the great ideas.

Pushpa, I am sure your microwave oven is jealous of your conventional oven. You create such great wonders with the latter.

Neelu, we must have seen each other at least once then. Maybe on Satara Road? :)

Neelu said...

Hahahaha May be, ur pic is such tht i cant guess how u look :)

Menu Today said...

Hi Vaishali,
Detailed explanation about MW rice cooking, Very useful tips. I too cook rice in MW in micro wave cooker.

Ashwini said...

I use the MW for cooking rice sometimes (when I dont have to cook dal. then they both go in the cooker). I have always found the rice texture is better in the MW somehow...

Vaishali said...

Neelu, you are gonna have to wait for the full picture. I haven't managed to get a decent one of mine clicked.

MT, MW rice cooker seems to be rather common in the US. Not here in Europe, I must say.

Ashwini, can your Tausalli be cooked in the microwave? Theoretically, it should be possible, right? Let's find out, shall we?

geeta said...

Hi Vaishali,
Excellent instructions! Can't get easier than this. My rice did salute to me...thanks to you. I have a question now.
Will the ratio of rice to water and cooking time be the same for par-boiled rice?
Any thots on this?

Vaishali said...

Hi Geeta,
Welcome to my blog! I am happy, that my post helped you. I am sorry, I have no idea with regards to par-boiled rice. I know it is rather common in the US (that's where you are, I assume), but not here in Germany. I use it only for making idlis. However, both of us could experiment with it and let each other know. Whaddya say?

geeta said...

Thank you Vaishali.

I will experiment on par-boiled rice and let u know the result.

Your instructions and recipes are simple and the pics amazing. There a lot more people going to be cluttering in the kitchen because of u. For starters my son...who made the date and apple milk shake. It was great.

Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very very much.
Aayushyat kadhich swayampak na kelelya manasanehi bhat karawa hi jaadu tumhi dilelya sopya paddhhati mulech shakya jhali aahe. I read your post some time back and tried it today, I am in San Jose, Ca, and desperately wanted to eat COOKED food. I remembered your post and I could make BHAT out of rice. Altough, I tried to add chana dal , but it did not cook properly. I will experiment further on this. But credit goes to you. Dhanyawad

Vaishali said...

Thanks for coming back on the D&A shake, Geeta.

Thanks, Sujit. I appreciate it, that you came back with the feedback. Great that you could cook rice using my instructions. I, too, didn't know how to cook until I got married about five years back. So, I can understand the joy you must have felt when you cooked something on your own. Swayampakshastrat tumchi asheech pragati hovo hee shubheccha.

Anonymous said...

Excellent written. I am going to follow this.

Can you give us some more Microware Oven recipes?

Thanks in advance

Vaishali said...

Thanks, Radha. I'll try to give more microwave oven recipes in future.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Just bought an IFB and am trying to cook rice :)

Your article was really informative. And hope definitely males like me benefit :)

Anonymous said...

i tried cooking rice by covering it..
i'll try it this time.
thanks for the tips

Anonymous said...


Very nice job! I just tried it and it worked out extremely well! Thank you :)

Vinit said...

Hi Vaishali,
I cooked rice successfully :-)
Thanks a lot.
Very nice post indeed, now I'll be checking out your blog regularly.
keep posting good food :)


Moumita said...

hey thanks a lot.. i was searching online for exctly " how to cook rice in micro-oven " lol thx...

Anonymous said...

One Important Point... Some times you see that your water have all evaporate before your rice is cooked... you might just feel to add more water on the same bowl...
Please dont do so... remember the bowl (how ever strong) is very hot and adding water will crack the bowl.. I just did it 3 min back :-(

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Jaydip said...

Hey Vaishali,

My wife is not at home and I want to learn cooking to surprise her. I this your blog will be gr8 information for me. Thanks a lot. Why don't you put Google Adwords at your blog. Visit my blogs I did the same. If you have any prob for the same. Drop me mail. I will help for you the same.

varun krishnan said...

I got fedup of using rice cooker to make rice..

Great post Vaishali !

Now I know how to cook rice in M/W.

I din have glass mw/ dish .. used only a plastic rubbermaid box and results were not that bad .. Will try with glass dish next time

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi Happy burp:) I dont know how to thank you because you made by life much easier through this post of yours:) I tried it using my silicon microwaveable dish:) and iam glad to say, it worked well:) and I got an opportunity to impress my fil who will be visiting us shortly (he is quiet a hard to please critic ;-) as he cooks well too :(.... Thank you and hugs to you!! iam adding you to my blogroll too:)

Salil said...

Thank you Vaishali for this post.

Though I am married for years now, currently I am living alone in US. I use an electric cooker for cooking rice and suddenly I found it not working when I tried to cook. I quickly looked up the net to find an alternative and found your post very useful.

I can see that you are doing a great job.


Anonymous said...

Well written but ... I have a 1K watt MW and so far the rice is a tiny bit less hard than uncooked but not soft enough to eat unless you are a rodent.

I tried 1:2 (rice:water) at 20, 15, 10, 7.5 minutes. The water just boils away leaving a hard mass of what was expected to be edible rice. How is this really done?

Anonymous said...

Got it! - the solution is to buy a rice cooker/steamer and just say that one can cook rice in a microwave oven.
That was 5 pounds of rice and 4 1.2 hours of experiments and the best was just like eating fresh sand with butter and salt.


Anonymous said...

Very nicely written. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Nice post Vaishali

I have been cooking rice in microwave since I day I started learning cooking because it is easy and convinient.

The method that I use is, I take 1:2 ratio (Rice:Water) and in a covered but not tightly lid bowl and heat it at high for 5 min. Then at medium power for 15 min. This way, you can control the softness of the rice by adding more water or less.

Anonymous said...

That was a cool blog about cooking plain rice in MW. I was searching for one to inform my mom to make her "GO GREEN". And beleive my half way thru i scrolled to see who is this fantastic author who has such cool articulation and flow. Kudos to both your skills...keep 'em comin

shrink on the couch said...

Thanks for this detailed lesson on microwaving rice. I come from a long line of cooks using rice cookers. I love my rice cooker but this microwaving is faster and much easier clean up!

Anonymous said...

Vaish, no wonder your blog came up on top of the google search i did :)

Thanks for a well written post :)
I shall add you up in my reading list..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for settling a disagreement, I always said it was 1 rice to 2 water. I was unsure about the uncovered part, but it worked out great. I watch to see if the rice "stood at attention" Nice and fluffy it was. sz

Ashik Iqbal said...

Great information.
Thanks a lot

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Anonymous said...

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Nice write-up! I just bought a 700W microwave, and was wondering if it could cook rice, as the other dish I make on a gas-stove anyway. Searched the net and found your writeup. Followed it for a cup of rice, and it came out very well, except that the grains on the rim on the top got overdone. Will reduce the time slightly next time.
Thanks a lot!

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I followed your instructions (for one cup of rice) and it came out beautiful and delicious. I stirred in a half tablespoon of virgin coconut oil after cooking/standing for favor ... fantastic. Thank you.

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Thanks for this, I use my micro a lot for cooking but never cooked rice in it - will be trying it this week :)

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joseph said...

how about different types of rice. in our location we use hard boiled rice. we don't soak it realy as for non boiled or basumathi. how you do it in microwave.

Anonymous said...

Very helpful page, thank you.
p.s. another advantage of using the microwave is that it uses to little electricity :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks a lot !
Got a MW last week, will be cooking rice tomorrow. Your instructions are very clear and helpful.

- Shreela

Pragya said...

thanks vaishali,Today I had to cook rice in Microwave for the first time so I searched on internat and found your blog.I cooked according to yoru style and it was great.
Really great presentation.

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Thanks for explaining the recipe in such a fun and easy way!

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I can't wait to try this!

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ahad said...

This is really very much helpful to me.i always use mw only for reheating nd defrosting,bt never cooked anything not even rice.actually i didnt know the procedure.bt now ill definitely try it.tnx 4 the clear instruction.
i have a ques.if i cook rice in a ceramic boal will it work?plz ans me....
tnx again.very good job

Anonymous said...

Nicely written post. I was on the look out and came across your article. Will follow and try to cook rice in my newly bought MW. Thanks.

Vishal Shrivastava said...

very good post . I used it when my wife was sick and i had to go to kitchen looking for help without 'annoying" my darling !!!
Rice cooked gr8

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