Friday, May 05, 2006

'Go Germany Go' Pizza

Does this ever happen to you? That you ask somebody a question, and before that person reacts, the answer occurs to you. Just like that. On its own. Ok, let me explain.

After Meeta of What's for lunch Honey? announced the event Monthly Mingle and 'Football' as the theme for the month, I kinda started thinking about it (practically almost all the time!). After thinking for a few days and not coming to anything concrete, I said, let me ask my husband whether he has any ideas. He is a great football fan, you know. (Like he wears a gawdy yellow shirt after Brazil win, and all those silly things, which I don't relate to.) Anyway, this was our conversation.

Me to him : (while he is shaving) We have this blogger event coming up, you know. The theme is football. I don't really think of anything good. I don't know what I should make.
He : (Half looking at me, half looking into the mirror) Make something related to football.
Me : (sarcastically) Brilliant!
(And as I am just about to begin as to how I can never rely upon him for ideas and how I ALWAYS come up with something great when he needs them from me, etc., etc., it occurs to me - all of a sudden - that I could make something with the German national flag.)
Me : YES! That's it. Thanks a lot.
He : (shrugging, slightly puzzled) That's all right.

And as soon as I had this image of the German National Flag in my mind,

the very instant I knew that I was going to make a pizza. The 'Go Germany Go' pizza. This is how it looked once I made it.

G3 Pizza, yet to be baked

It was rather simple to make. I must say, my husband was really pleased to see this one. (Did I tell you that he keeps shifting his loyalties between Brazil and Germany?)

Anyway, without further husband-bashing, I'll get on with the recipe.

Recipe for G3 Pizza


  • One recipe pizza dough
  • One heaped cup pizza sauce ( I used readymade sauce again, but will definitely post the recipe soon. Sorry for now!)
  • approx. 150g. hard cheese (that’s approx. a cup; I used a combination of Cheddar and Edam)
  • approx. 100g. black deseeded olives (40 largish olives, to be precise)
  • ¾ each of medium-sized red and yellow peppers (For a better idea of size, please refer to the next picture. I used the very same peppers depicted in it.)

Clockwise from top : yellow pepper, red pepper, black deseeded olives (Here they look so much like Indian 'jambhool/jamun', don't they?)


1. Preheat the oven to 200°C.

2. Cut both peppers into thin slices. Cut the olives into half. Grate the cheese.

3. Roll out the dough onto a baking sheet into a rectangle. Spread the pizza sauce evenly over it.

4. Spread the cheese on it. (I know, this is normally supposed to be the other way around, but we won't see the veggies then. I was sceptical when I actually did this. I thought I was just going to ruin a pizza (and our dinner) with this whacky idea of mine, but no, that didn't happen. Phew!)

5. Now, arrange the olives and peppers carefully as shown in the earlier picture.

6. Bake the pizza at 200°C for 15 to 20 minutes. The pizza base should look brownish and the veggies slightly dried and at places, charred. Like this.

Supporters of Germany can have this one and make the German flag run in their veins. :)

Non-supporters of Germany can imagine that they are having 'Germans for lunch'. ;-)

In any which case, the pizza is best served with some beer and this.

:) Enjoy!

ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday


Meeta K. Wolff said...


I love it .... this is absolutely perfect. You are a whizz kid in my eyes!

Unknown said...

That's an amazing idea Vaishali ! Ever since Meeta has announced the mingle, I have been thinking in vain as to what can be done- coz India (except for Kolkatta ) is such an uninspired country when it comes to football !
I'm still clueless- am i supposed to do something in the colors of the Indian flag or what??

Your Pizza rocks!

Kitchenmate said...

Vaishali: Looks very gorgeous!!Nice idea to come with, still am short of ideas, been thinking about it...let me see if I can come up with something before the time is up:)

Santhi said...

I have been thinking too with no ideas.
This pizza looks so great vaishali and I LOVE the remote :)

Anonymous said...

great idea! i suggest that you save this recipe for a dozen cookery contests during the world cup next month.... you might just land up a cash prize!! or better still the German team might give you free tickets!!

Vaishali said...

Thanks, Meeta.

I know what you mean, Nandita. I think, my being in Germany helped me a little coz the 'fever' is all around me.

You sure will come up with something, Karthi.

I was giggling all the way when I clicked and uploaded the photograph of the remote, Santhi. I was so happy with myself. :)

A cash prize, Anon? Yeah, I could do with that. For starters, why don't you offer me one? :)

Anonymous said...

That pizza is a STUNNER!!! Perfect for the Monthly MIngle- Football theme.

Ashwini said...

The rest of the world does not exist for the U.S. unless of course they have to go to war with one of the countries. Then they become marginally aware of it but can't pronounce its name (eye-rak). So there is absolutely no hype about the cup here. But in India I used to like watching the hotties in a couple of matches :-)You are very creative I must say. I showed the photo of the remote to my hubby and he said "see, she totally gets her husband"!!!
And the G3 name sounds like a Karan Johar movie...

Ashwini said...

Oops sorry. forgot to mention in my rant that can bake the mangodis I think. Its worth trying. Or just dry them out in the sun (!) which is how the store bought ones are made.

Menu Today said...

It is really creative.

Mamatha said...

How creative! Btw, love the name of your blog.

Nandan said...

wow, looks great. Reminds me of my friend's birthday when his mom made a tri-color cake as it falls on August 15th. :-)

Vaishali said...

Thanks, Priya.

Thanks, Ashwini. Btw, the rest of the world isn't too different. For example, I have come across people in the UK, who thought Pakistan was a part of India!!! Now how ignorant can you be?
Thanks for the tip regarding the mangodis.

Thanks, MT.

Welcome to my blog, Faffer.

Nandan, your friend does have a creative mother. You know, I was supposed to be born on the 15th of August, but I decided to extend my stay inside my mum's tummy by two more days. (So, guess my birth-date?!!) :)

Nupur said...

very cute!!

Alanna Kellogg said...

A+++ for creativity, that's for sure! Thanks for bringing it to my attention ... don't worry about the asparagus soup! ;-) Alanna

Anonymous said...

:-) Well at least you got an answer for your question! I get 'what on earth she is talking about' looks for many of my similar questions! :-)

Pizza looks pizzaaazz...!!

Unknown said...

very creative! looks lovely!


Vaishali said...

Thanks, Nupur.

AK, can I please get a certificate with your signature on it? :)

LG, I get that too. Only this time I didn't because it was regarding football, which is one of his favourite things. Btw, you are in the mood for some word-play, aren't you?

Thanks, SH. It tastes good too. Wanna come over?

Unknown said...

Wow!!! creative. So, will u b going down to München during the season? Will there b any games in Düsseldorf?

Vaishali said...

Thanks, Pushpa. No, I won't get to go down to München. There are no games in D'dorf either. However, there are some in the nearby cities/towns like Dortmund, Gelsenkirchecn and Köln. I guess, I'll have to be happy only collecting mementos.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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