Monday, August 28, 2006

Make Khawa / Khoya / Mawa at home!

Vineela has chosen Milk as this month's theme for Jihva for Ingredients. Not just milk, but all milk products too. That makes it simple, right? Wrong! That gives you so much choice, that you take about a month to decide what your entry for this event will be. That again has a few hurdles. For example, the main ingredient. You realise that you have always *bought* the main ingredient that goes into the dish, that you fancy making for the D-Day.

Well, now the 'you' in the above story is 'me'. (Oh, stop it, Vaish. We're sick of your non-existent humour.) - ignores and continues - And the ingredient in question is 'Khawa or Khoya or Mawa', which are milk solids obtained by evaporating milk. Which is usually done by the neighbourhood Mithai vendor. Nobody makes it at home, at least in the circles that I know. Unless you are living in Germany...

So, that's what I did. I made Khoya at home. Using an uncomplicated, quick method, that I found here.

Recipe for Khawa/Khoya/Mawa

Makes 1 cup.


1 cup milk powder (I used the variety with 3.5% fat.)
approx. ¼ cup water
a few drops of ghee


a pressure cooker / steamer &
a metal vessel that fits into it
a piece of cotton cloth (May I suggest an old handkerchief of your husband? ;-))


1. Take the milk powder into a shallow bowl/dish for kneading. Add a little water.
2. Start kneading, and add water as you go. We want to knead it into a soft dough as that for chapatis.
3. Finish kneading with a few drops of ghee on your fingers. Shape it into a ball. Like so.


Khoya khoya chand...? :)

4. Place this ball in the piece of cloth. Tie the cloth in a bundle. Place this bundle into the metal vessel.
5. Place this vessel into the pressure cooker / steamer and steam for 10 minutes. (Like idlis; without the weight/whistle.)
6. Take the vessel out and let it cool for about five minutes. Untie the bundle.
Khoya is ready for you.


Khoya is well-made, if there are lots of tiny holes inside, like a sponge

Before you use this Khoya in any preparation, a few

1. First off, let's not forget that this is just a substiute and not the real thing. You can use this homemade Khoya in almost all preparations that ask for this milk product. However, the dish will not have exactly the same texture and taste that it would, had the real Khoya been used.
2. It retains some of the milk powder smell, much of which goes away once cooked (like when cooked with carrots to make Gajar Halwa).
3. One biggest advantage of it is, that it has much less fat compared to the real McCoy. Sounds nice, no? :)

I am sending this post as an early entry to Vineela for this month's JFI. I posted it early coz I thought it might help those who want to make something with Khoya, but have no access to a Mithai vendor.

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Prema Sundar said...

Yes I have never made khoya at home. Nice try vaishali...can try this sometime and sure can use for carrot halwa.Thanks for sharing the recipe..

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea! Is there any trick to make it taste original??


Shammi said...

You brilliant woman, you! :) I've never made khoya or anything using it... so I guess this goes on my "gotta-try" list - especially if you would please please make something with the khoya and post the recipe, please please pretty please with sugar sprinkled on top? :)

indianadoc said...

Vaish,I have already put on lot of weight of late...where will I go if u keep tempting me with khoya,one of my favourites...this time jihva is going to be real torture for me...I love most of the dairy products,except milk in its own shape!!

Anonymous said...

I agree vaishali, Germany sure makes us make many stuff from the scratch.... !! Even i made khoya for the first time on Janmashtami, but made the same in microwave using ricotta cheese + butter for abt 20 mins... it really comes closer to the original. Khavya cha ladoo banavlas ka ???

Mandira said...

Wow Vaishali- Khoya from scratch. Thanks for sharing the recipe. My mom adds khoya to the gajar ka halwa. Maybe I will give that a try ;)

Ashwini said...

So from next time on its going to be Vaishali Mithaiwala for my koya needs :-D (has a nice ring to it that name!!)

Vaishali said...

Thanks for stopping by, Prema.

TRA, no, I don't think of a super-trick to make it taste just like the original. I wish I did.

Shammi, you mean the little brown things with two words in their name? Starting with G & J? Hmmmm...Should be worth a try. Lemme work on it now. :)

Shaynee, you are like one of my cousins. He hates milk, but his favourite desserts are Rabdi/Basundi & ice-cream. :) JFI is sure gonna be a weight-gaining exercise (See the contradiction? :)) this time.

Annu, ricotta + butter? Sounds so interesting. Can I have the recipe please? And Khavyache Ladoo? Wow!

Madira, do let me know, if you try it out.

Ashwini, shall I add 'Banarasi evam Bangali Mithaiyon ke Vikreta' to it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi vaishali,A very nice way to go making khoya at home.. seems to be an enviable option . Going by the pic, I am sure it tastes next to best compared to the original taste.Thanks for sharing your innovative Recipe.

Nabeela said...

thats a nice trick, if only i liked milk powder...i hate it's smell:(

Menu Today said...

Hi Vaishali,
Easy way of preparing Khoya at home. Thanks for sharing an excellent procedure.

Kitchenmate said...

Hmmm, you are coming close girl..Khoya in pressure cooker sure sounds interesting..gotta try it :) Vaish, Keep experimenting :)

Chirayu said...

Nice blog. Reached your blog through a search for Gujarati recipes.

KA said...

Thanks for the great tip.I never tried to make khoya at home, your post sure makes the whole process sound very easy so am going to give it a try next time..

indosungod said...

Vaishali that is a quickie way to make some Khoya. I usually avoid recipes which call for khoya. Now I am freed....

Unknown said...

Very thoughtful of you dearie! You really take so much effort- hats off!!

Anonymous said...

Vaishali, as u said the milk pwdr khoya has a kind of pwdr aftertaste, the one that I make with ricotta doesn't have that problem. Picked up the tip from

Just buy Ricotta cheese from the food market and pan fry it with a tbsp of butter stirring continuously on medium heat till it looses all the water content and becomes dry, dark yellowish in color. Initially the cheese colour will be creamish. for one 250 gms of ricotta cheese it takes abt 25 mins on mdm heat. This khoya can be used for all dishes which mention Indian Khoya.

Hope u find it useful... u can make khavyacha ladoo with badam powder (that we get in germany very easily), my 2 yr old loves it.

Linda said...

Vaishali, little brown things... G and J... is *this* what galub jamun are made from??? I knew they had something to do with milk...

Khoya is totally new to me -- very interested to see what you make with it :):)

Anonymous said...

arey..I left a comment in the is not here, I think I didn't publish it :(. Anyway...

I just bought khoya on Sunday to make Jamuns. I didn't know you would be posting abt it :(. Will keep it for future reference :). Thanks...

Vaishali said...

Lera, thanks for the nice words. :)

Nabeela, I know a few people, who do not like milk powder smell. Which means that I'll have to look at some more ways of making Mawa at home. :)

You always encourage me by praising me, MT.

Oh, sure, I'll keep experimenting, Karthi. It is indeed exciting.

Chirayu, happy to see somebody from Pune visiting my blog. Hope things are fine there. :)

Arjuna, this procedure is sure very easy. All put together, it does not take more than half hour.

Indo, freed? I like that expression. :)

Nandita, don't embarrass me now. I don't think it deserves *that much* praise. :) And hey, have a Happy Holiday!

Annu, thank you so much for coming back on that. Now that you have given detailed info about Khoya with Ricotta, I remember having heard it from one of my friends in the US too. Need to check with her again. And one more thing: Do you just mix the two to make 'Badam Khavyaache Ladoo'? I am asking because I too have an almost-two-year-old. :)

Linda, yep, Gulab Jamun it is. They are made with Khoya and Maida. However, what I have made with this Khoya is something different. :) Will blog about it next week.

Vaishali said...

Shilpa, you have access to Khoya where you live? C'mon, you don't really need this recipe then. :)

UJ said...

wow..khoya. I have seen it in lot of recipes which i have not tried :-). Next time when i see one where it calls for khoya i will make it and definetly let you know. I always thought making it was lot of work, but your way sounds easy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vaishali, teaching me some more... I won't write *gulab* jamun ten times on your blog though! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi vaishali, Yes you need to mix both the badam powder and khoya n sugar to mk the laddoos .. very paushtic n damn easy once the khoya is ready on hand.

1 vati khoya + 1 n half vati badam pdr (roasted a little bit on tava)+ 1string sugar syrup made with half vati sugar. Just mix this on gas top (add badam pcs if ur kiddo likes pcs of nuts)and do not cook it for long (jst 5 mins), or else u will have badam chikki... thats it.. cool it make laddoos.. no ghee, no milk etc ...I am sure ur toddler will love it. BTW i live in Konstanz... southern most tip of germany.

Anupama said...

Simply fantastic Vaishali. I sure will be using this Khoya in umpteen number of dishes.

Anonymous said...

Vaishali, excellent receipe. you real brilliant women !!!
I am wondering if I can knead milk powder in milk, instaed of water here? will it be ok?

Anonymous said...

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Shikha said...

yes.....its a nice idea ...i will try it soon .thanks for sharing .

Shikha said...

yes.....its a nice idea ...i will try it soon .thanks for sharing .

Anonymous said...

dont u have to use condensed milk there?

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