Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jihva for POTATO

Call it ‘Kartoffel’. Or ‘pomme de terre’. Or ‘batata’. Or even ‘Aaloo’. Call it just anything. What you get at the end of the day is ‘POTATO’, the chubby tuber that almost all of us love…and probably hate too. :)

We love it, because it is so very adaptable. Add it to anything, and it takes on the flavour of that dish. No interference, only dedication. :)

But then, why do we hate it? Well, because it is infamous since preparations with this vegetable are usually fat-laden. Be it potato chips…be it crisps/wafers…be it Batata Wada. But hey, that’s not potato’s fault! It is always upto us as to how healthy or unhealthy we want to make a vegetable, right?

So, let’s get together and give POTATO, the world's most widely grown tuber crop the credit that it deserves. Use any type, size or form of potato. Use it fresh, tinned, uncooked, boiled, diced, mashed or even dried and powdered. Use it in an Italian dish or in a spicy Indian curry. Use it in a snack or in a breakfast dish. Use it as a surprise addition to a homely dish or in a gourmet preparation.

Flip through those recipe books. Sift through those newspaper cuttings. Use your imagination. You have unlimited choices with the POTATO.

What you need to keep in mind is

- Cook anything with Potato(es), and publish your post preferably on the 1st of March as your entry for Jihva for Ingredients.
(But folks, let’s not use ‘sweet potatoes’. They are a versatile ingredient, and they deserve to be a theme on their own.)

- Send me an email at vaishalikamath@hotmail.com with the permalink to your post and a photo of the dish in 75×75 pixel size.

- Include the name of your dish as well as of your blog in the mail.

- Come around to my blog around the 8th of March to check out the round-up.

! Non-bloggers: Please send me the photo of your dish along with the write-up . I’ll publish it here, and also include it in the round-up.

So, come on, Guys. Put on that apron, set the camera ready, and open the bag of POTATOES…

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