Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Announcing two new series...

In addition to the already running 'Ton of Protein' series, I would like to announce two more. They are

1. Indian Winter : Indian 'Winter' ? 'What's that?', you might wonder. We know Indian Summer, but winter...does it even exist? Well, yes. Although it isn't as *wintery* as the winters outside the tropics, it sure does exist. This month, we have already had a minimum temperature of 10.1°C here in Pune. Now you are convinced, aren't you? :)
So, what will this series have? Basically, I will blog about vegetables and preparations that are typical to winter here. How the series develops in the course of time will have to be seen.

2. The Unbeatable Root : I plan to paint the town red with this one. :)
Leaving wordplay aside (Did I hear you say 'Thank God!'?), this series will feature recipes with the Beetroot.

Hope you like them both.


Deepa Kiran said...

Vaishali,you are one of the most creative and neat cook I have seen in the blog world.I am really really looking forward to your series.I tried your version of naan khatais (my first time)and it came out lip smacking.I prepared it for my hubby's birthday and by the time he had come home from work,I had already gulped down half of them[:(].I had been a silent reader of your blog and followed every post of yours (your move to India and many more posts before that).Love everything about your blog.All the best Vaishali.


Its time for Hurda parties, time to cook undhao, and time for recipes with til.

Asha said...

Can't wait!!:))

I love Beets. I am planning one dish in two weeks with this veg too!Have fun with the Indian "winter"! Our backsides are frozen up here!!!

Linda said...

Ooh... veggie recipes galore! Sounds great, Vaishali. Bring on the spiced-up winter :)

Vaishali said...

Deepa, thank you so much for coming out of the closet and appreciating me. I hope you find the two new series informative as well as useful.

HKji, you know what winter is about, don't you? :)

Asha, I'll look forward to your dishes with Beets. And my sympathies with your frozen...ahem...body parts. ;-)

Linda, winter here is indeed great for veggie-lovers. You are more than spoilt for choice, you know.

Anupama said...

I love the idea of both your series. They are wonderful.Looking forward to some dazzling recipes. I love Indian Winters and the veggies you get there in Winter too.

Shammi said...

Didnt you mean the unbeetable root? :D

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Anonymous said...

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