Thursday, July 06, 2006

Black Grape Smoothie

It's been really hot for the last few days here in Düsseldorf; the maximum temperatures ranging between 34° & 36° Celsius. Back home in Pune, where the day temperatures would always be between 25° & 40° Celsius irrespective of the season, it was not so shocking to have a harsh summer. However, when you've had 3.5° C during the day for months together, then you look at 35 degrees with a different set of eyes. (Or shall I say 'with a different pair of glasses', since my photochromatic specs are again in use now? Hehehehehehehe....... And yes, I am 'chashmish'. :))

Well, coming back to the heat, what I made to beat it, was yet another Lassi. With black grapes this time. The original recipe is by Tarla Dalal. I have been making this Lassi/smoothie for a few years now. It's an absolute favourite with us. The most attractive part of it being the unusual colour. After all, how often do you come across food that is an appetising shade of lavender?!

Since summer is also the time to enjoy barbeque parties, and since Meeta is hosting one at her blog, I'd like to take my smoothie along to her party. A cool treat to wash down all the goodies hot off the coals. Here I come, Meeta. :)

Recipe for Black Grape Smoothie

Makes 4 small glasses.


2 cups seedless black grapes
1 cup yogurt
1 cup milk
4 tbsp sugar (or to taste)

ice-cubes or crushed ice (optional)


1. Blend all ingredients apart from the ice in a liquidiser.
2. Add the ice, if using and serve.

A hassle-free yet tasty and visually appealing drink is ready in seconds. In case you don't fancy biting into stray pieces of grape skin, take only the grapes first, give them a whirl in the liquidiser and strain that pulp before going on to step 1.

Btw, do you know the trick to make easy grape sorbet? Just place some black grapes in a freezer-proof container and freeze them until hard. As a child, I have spent many a summer afternoon biting into those icy grapes while watching some time-pass Hindi movie. In case you try it out and like it, please do let me know. In case you don't like eating those frozen grapes, just throw them into a blender, and make this smoothie. Howzzat? ;-)


Meeta said...

Oh V! Just perfect for this hot weather! I love the color and after looking through the entries for my event I can tell you it's gonna be a colorful one. Thanks for sending this in! Look for the wound-up sometime on Sunday!

shilpa said...

Vaish, I too love the frozen grapes. I used to eat them lot when I was kid, but had forgotten abt them. Thanks for reminding.

Meeta said...

I don't mean wound-up, mor ROUND-UP! having trouble with the ole brain today ... must be dissolving in the heat!!

Meeta said...

Dissolving the BRAIN! You get my point!

Anonymous said...

did not know about the frozen grapes. need to try. this lassi makes me go kale-kale-kale-kale.


Sumitha said...

Vaish yes, definetly good to beat the heat!

Anupama said...

Black grape smoothie. Now why did I not think of that before. Well better late than never. Photo is gorgeous .Speaking of frozen grapes have you tried frozen chunks of jackfruit back in India. They are mind blowing.

ArSu said...

One more ..oh two more ways to enjoy my favourite grapes! Thanks for the colourful recipe. Btw, just admire your presentation Vaish.

Neelu said...

What a lovely color !!! And Grapes are swet so If u skip the sugar part it would still be on sweet side(mild). Will definitely try next time I bring grapes. Thanks for the recipe But u r so unfair !!! you are making such wonderful smoothies and not even inviting dont say u r always welcome else I will land at ur place any instant lol

Catherine said...

that looks divine!

Linda said...

Looks delicious, Vaishali! Frozen grapes are a childhood memory for me, too. Cherries from the freezer are good, too :)

Vaishali said...

"...brain dissolving in the heat..."
That was funny, Meeta. I am looking forward to the colourful round-up too.

Shilpa, you have reminded me about innumerable dishes through your blog. I am glad that I could reciprocate that.

"kale kale kale"
Baby language, TOrion? (Btw, you change your name a little every time, don't you?)

Sumitha, are you having a hot summer in Switzerland too?

Anupama, frozen jackfruit? Now, why did I never think of that before?

Hey, thanks for the sweet words, ArSu.

Neelu, I knew you'd find some reason to keep the sugar out. :) And I'll be really happy, if you landed up at my place. I swear.

Thanks, Catherine. *grin*

Linda, frozen cherries? Hmmmmm...that sounds good. I need to hurry up and try that out, before summer gets over. :)

Ashwini said...

Hey Vaish...tried it. Awesome!

RP said...

Hey, I have never tried grapes with milk or yogurt. Looks really cool. Will try it out.

Vineela said...

Hi Vaishali,
Yummy and colorful Vaishali.Iam a big favourite of all fruity smoothies

Nandan said...

wow, very simple and yummy. So far my experiments to smoothies have been limited in making a banana-coffee-elaichi smoothie, so this one is next on cards. :)

Nila said...

I do make berry smoothies often, will try this one soon.

Paz said...

What a treat! It's been very hot in my neck of the woods. I' love to try this!


archana said...

Beautiful photo, loved the color of the smoothie. Thank you for the recipe

Menu Today said...

Hi Vaishali,
Thanks a lot for sharing your recipe.

Vaishali said...

Thanks for the feedback, Ashwini. Glad that you liked it.

RP, do let me know once you try it out.

Me too, Vineela. Fruity smoothies anytime! :)

Banana-coffee-cardamom smoothie, Nandan? I want the recipe as soon as possible!!!

Sure, Nila. If you like smoothies, you'll certainly like this one.

Paz, why don't you wander to my neck of the woods? I'd love to treat you to some smoothie(s). :)

Thanks, Archana. Beauty-related compliments coming from you mean a lot to me. :)

Hey, MT, where had you disappeared? Good to see you back.

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Thank you. It came out really good inspite of skipping sugar. Really sweet and cooling.

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