Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blog Patrol # 3 - A Ton Of Protein

It's been long since 'Blog Patrol' came up with a report. However, it deserves to be mentioned that the said party (now, who's that?) has been working on that report. And with a certain theme in mind. What's the theme, you ask? Well, I was coming to that anyway. :)
The theme is 'marriage'. A Marriage (made in heaven?) of two features that make an appearance on this blog. I am sure the title of the post explains the rest.
Fine then, let's see what yummy dishes with protein our fellow bloggers have offered to us so far. Listed in alphabetical order, here they are.

1. Aruchavitta vengaya Sambar by Shammi of Food, in the main... : I had never made Sambar with freshly ground Masala until then. I had heard about it, but that's it. I am happy that I chose this recipe for my first attempt. The Sambar turned out great. I don't know how it is supposed to taste, but I felt that it tasted authentic. (Is that statement contradictory?) And biting into those cooked yet juicy baby onions (yeah, we get them in German shops here) was very very enjoyable.
In case you don't have your own 'family recipe' for this kind of Sambar, just go for this one. You won't regret. :)

2. Bell pepper sambar by Shammi again: What I have got to say about this dish, is something that Shammi has written in her post already. MMMmmmmmmmmmm...... :) :) :)

3. Lasooni Dal Palak by Nandita of Saffron Trail: If you offered this one to your guests, they'd think that you ordered it from a take-away. It's that good. For me, home food is good when it tastes like home food. And typical restaurant food or street food is great when it does NOT taste like home food. I hope you know what I mean.
Well anyway, just try this one out, and you'll know what I am trying to say. :)

4. Mango Dal by Indira of Mahanandi: Do you like unripe mangoes? Do you like the heady aroma of Urad dal in the tadka? Do you like your Dal to be sour and spicy? Do you like it when a dish offers surprises in every morsel?
If your answer is 'yes' to three of these four questions, then just go ahead and make this Dal. Period.
(I am so good at sounding serious about my work, aren't I? :))

5. Mattar Paneer Masala by VKN of My Dhaba: The first thoughts that come to our mind when we see the word 'Paneer' in a recipe are 'fat', 'calories', 'weight gain', 'no no no...'. But let's not forget that Paneer has a lot of protein too. Something that especially vegetarians often do not have enough of in their diet. And as far as Paneer is concerned, it can be made with low-fat milk too.
Now coming to the dish, it is another one with that 'hotel type' taste. Great to put on the table, especially when you are entertaining guests. I assure you, that your guests won't stop singing praises of your cooking skills. :) Thanks, VKN, for this wonderful recipe.

That's it for now, People. See you in a day or two. Ciao!
(No, the last word has nothing to do with the Italians winning the semi-finals yesterday. My loyalties are still with the Germans.)


shammi said...

Thanks for such a glowing reference - TWO glowing references! - Vaish :) Very kind of you, and I'm definitely pleased that you liked the arachuvitta sambar!

vkn said...

We at My Dhaba are so glad to read that you liked the hotel-type taste of our mattar paneer masala recipe :-) Thanks for choosing it for the blog patrol.

Btw, are you participating at virtual cooking competition (VCC) #2? Cheers!

Paz said...

Very nice selections! I'm familiar most with VKN's recipes.

By the way, I watch the soccer game. Both teams played very well. I felt very sorry for German team when they lost. They looked sooo devasted (as did their fans). I would have probably felt the same for the Italians if they lost, too. ;-)


shilpa said...

I simply loved this post. You have great writing skills. I always like to read all your posts, they are so much fun.
Why don't you write some novel?? I will be the first one to buy it :D.

shilpa said...

BTW.. Vaishali, I am not a follower of football. One of our friend yesterday told me that Germany has lost. The first thing I remembered was YOU. You are my only connection to football till now.

Vaishali said...

The recipes are for keeps, Shammi. Thanks for sharing them.

Thanks for dropping by, VKN. Oh yes, I am thinking of something that I can prepare for VCC #2. Hope I can make it in time.

Thanks for stopping by, Paz. Yeah, the German fans are devastated. All the flags hanging on cars have disappeared now. The German team indeed played well almost till the end. Sigh!

Shilpa, you are embarrassing me. I barely manage to write small articles. One full novel is not within my grasp. Hey, but thanks for the compliment.
And yes, Germany lost. I was really hoping to see the jubilation when the German team would bring home the cup. Maybe next time?!

Anonymous said...

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