Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another Meme!


Trappeto Beach. You wanna be there, don't you? :)

Thanks for tagging me, Nabeela. I love writing memes. :)
I am thinking about: at least ten other things right now.
I said: too many mean things to my husband during the first year of our marriage. :(
I want to: lose at least 10 kilograms.
I wish: I could paint and sing.
I regret: not having studied with enough dedication.
I hear: the dishwasher in the background as I am writing this.
I am: Vaishali.
I dance: with my upper body when I hear a catchy number on the car radio.
I sing: to my daughter to put her to sleep. Difficult to believe, but I do.
I cry: easily.
I am not: as snobbish as I appear to be.
I am: still Vaishali. How many more times do I have to tell you?
I write: my grocery lists in Marathi.
I confuse: between 'paraan' and 'pairi', the words for day-after-tomorrow and day-before-yesterday in Konkani.
I need: to get rid of my habit of procrastinating things.
I tag: Anupama.


Nabeela said...

thanks for playing! I loved reading your meme!

shilpa said...

You confused me about paraan and pairi :).

Anupama said...

Yeh I was waiting for something like this. I used to read something similar in Stardust the film magazine. It was called These are a few of my Favourite Things. Thanx a ton Vaishali. I am going to get started rright away. Yours was usual.

Krithika said...

Thanks for tagging me Vaish. You know what I did this tag sometime back.

Vaishali said...

And I loved reading yours, Nabeela.'s not difficult to confuse between them, is it, Shilpa?

Anupama, memes are always fun. Writing as well as reading. :)

Krithika, sorry, I forgot that you did this one some time back. Now I remember. Sorry again.

Linda said...

Vaishali -- you, snobbish!? I don't believe it... you're always there to champion the blogger underdog.

Lovely pic of the coast. I can't wait to get back to the Great Lakes. Is it October yet? :)

shilpa said...

Vaish, I think you should correct the sequence now. Or else definitely I will get confused :D.

Mika said...

I read your post on Dum Bhindi. Thanks for a nice satvik recipe. Btw, we have this satvik period too till the end of dusshera (or rather observing it this time coz of MIL). Can you post more satvik recipes, plzz? I am always puzzled as to what can be made...

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Vaishali,
Reading ur meme was interesting..
I was thinking what silly things i said to my husband during the first year of marriage. To think abt it now is really funny..

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your meme. You don't come off snobbish at all.
I'm a regular visit to your blog and enjoy your writing and recipes.


Chandrika said...

A very interesting meme, Vaishali!

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