Monday, November 27, 2006

Chutney with Fresh Turmeric and Mango Ginger


I hope that either you already know about these two main ingredients or you have read about them in my earlier post. In case neither, then in a nutshell, Fresh Turmeric is...well...Fresh Turmeric and Mango Ginger or Ambehalad or Curcuma Amada is a rhizome from the ginger family, which gives out, when cut or crushed, the smell of fresh unripe mangoes. What I made using these two ingredients and some more is this.

Recipe for Chutney with Fresh Turmeric and Mango Ginger


Before I start, let me mention that there are no set measurements for this chutney. You can add ingredients as per availability and liking. The quantities I used this time are as below.

gratings from ¼ of a coconut
100g. fresh turmeric
100g. Mango Ginger (Ambehalad)
50g. ginger (Adrak)
2 green chillis
juice from ½ of a lemon
4 tsp sugar (This ingredient is quite important as it balances the tartness coming from all those rhizomes.)
salt to taste


1. Wash, peel and chop all rhizomes. You might consider wearing gloves while handling the fresh turmeric, because it stains your hands pretty badly. And the stains take at least three days to go away completely. Want proof?


2. Combine all ingredients and grind to a fine paste without using any water.

This chutney keeps in the fridge for several days. Serve it as an accompaniment to any meal. Like so.


Clockwise from left: Fresh Turmeric & Mango Ginger Chutney, salt, Tomato chi Aamti, Cabbage Bhaji, Bottle Gourd Bhaji with Moong Dal and Phulkas

All dishes cooked with turmeric in some form or the other. Cancer isn't even gonna look this way, is it? :)

I'd like to send this post as well as the earlier one containing the info to Kalyn's Weekend Herb Blogging #61. Off to her then...


Asha said...

YAY! I am first! Can't wait for the recipe Vaish! Looks great. I was right abt fresh turmeric too.I have dry turmeric root at home, smells great when ground!

Praveena said...

Wow! I would have loved to try it but have slim chances getting fresh turmeric around here! Well at least you enjoy!

Pooja said...

this is my first time visit to your nice blog!
when i dropped here , your blog makes me happy by knowing that you are in pune. as Currently I am also living in Pune .
you have a nice blog with good pictures here.Keep the good work going on .
Stay Tuned

Vini K said...

Hey Vaish,Chutney lools very refreshing.We make mango ginger chutney in Andhra ,usually combined with coconut.Oh how I would love to have some of your chutney now!!and I tasted fresh turmeric chutney at one of my gujrati friend's place, adn I loved it.

Mythili said...

Never heard about Ambehalad/mango ginger. But the chutney loooks so exotic. Can't wait to see the recipe. Good going !!!

You can get fresh turmeric here in the Indian stores sometimes. Check it out.


Aditya Anand said...

ummm...first visit here. nice very very well kept blog i must say. outta all these blog links u have, any one dedicated to bakery? esp dark choc n coffeee??? do reply ok?

Mahek said...

thali chaan vatate!!!
i love to see such thalis i.e served in a traditional way.

Manjiri said...

Hi Vaishali,

I have been reading your blog for quite some time. You have a great nack for food photography and your compositions are good.
Also the recepies are all mouth wateringly yum!
Welcome back to Pune!
Saw your name mentioned in the Times of India "Life" suppliment.
But Me thinks it was a bit out of context what did you feel?

Great blog! Keep it up!

Monisha said...

Hi Vaishali -
I bet this Chutney packs a punch with such fragrant ingredients, love its deep orange color!

Priya said...

Hi Vaishali,
The Mango-ginger (mavadi-allam/inji-maanga in Telugu/Tamil)is one of my favorites, it was an acquied taste though. Whenever my dad found theses freash roots in the market he would get loads of them home. Apart from the chutne yy mother also made a pcikle with these and used them in Kichidi too. They taste good raw I wish I could get them here :-(

Anonymous said...

Vaishali - wonderful chutney. Mango ginger does have a very distinctive taste i think. I eat it raw (well marinated in lime turmeric juice)...thanks for sharing....~smile~

Mythreyee said...

a very healthy food I bet. thanks for sharing.

Lakshmi said...

wow,, i learned about 2 varieties today, didn't knew them before. nice chutney recipe Vaishali.

PizzaDude said...

Hello Vaishali :)
I dont know if you are aware of it or not, but there was a mention of your blog on the front page of the sunday supplement section(Times Life) of this week's Times of India.

Vaishali said...

Asha, you are 'first-class'. :) And oh yes, I too love the smell of dry turmeric root.

Awwwwww....Praveena, I hope you somehow get to try it some day. Fingers crossed.

Pooja, thank you so much for dropping in. I visited your blog and was amazed to see the variety you present with only one vegetable every week. A great idea in concept as well as execution. I need to add you to my blog roll now.

Vini, great to know that these ingredients are relished with equal enthusiasm in other parts of India too.

Mythili, dried and powdered Ambehalad too is very useful. It is available in shops selling Ayurvedic medicines. Combined with Besan and rose water, it makes an excellent face pack. I have tried it. :)

Aditya, two blogs: 'Pusiva's Culinary Studio' by Pushpa and 'A Whirl of Aromas' by Vini are dedicated to baking. Links to both are there on my page. Hope you find what you are looking for.

swapna said...

Hai vaishali

nice chutney.i like it very much.thanks for sharing.

Inji Pennu said...

ooo.. i feel really jealous seeing all that fresh products and everything so easily available in India! I named my blog after that mango ginger or as we call it injimanga (inj- ginger, manga - mango)

Tom said...


He likes this site !

Tom said...


He likes this site !

Shaheen said...

Amazing combination. I would love to lay my hands on mango ginger now. Do u think i can sustitute something else for it?

Kalyn said...

Very interesting, and I don't really know about either of these so I am glad I'm learning something.

Indira said...

Hi Vaishali:

I always miss all fun!:)

Well, we call it maamidi allam in Telugu and we prepare a chutney with it similar to what you have blogged here. It's been years since I saw this veggie here in US.

Hope you are having great time settling down in Pune.

Best wishes,

sher said...

Oh, how I wish I could find fresh tumeric here! This looks wonderful, yellow fingers and all! :)

Sanjana said...

Hey Vaish

Such a relishing Mango ginger chutney. Yes I love them a lot with chappathis as well as with curd rice. Here is what I follow for the Mango ginger:

aditya said...

thanx! now lemme attack the oven. :p said...


Wonderful pictures. My MIL made me the manjal manga injie oorukai and sent me some with her recipe for my blog. I was google searching for more information on manga injie and it led me here. I've put up a link to this post on my post. Thanks for the great information, and links!

Hope to see you blogging again soon. Your pictures are AWESOME.


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summermobile said...

Before I start, let me mention that there are no set measurements for this chutney. You can add ingredients as per availability and liking. The quantities I used this time are as below.

yi yang said...

Before I start, let me mention that there are no set measurements for this chutney. You can add ingredients as per availability and liking. The quantities I used this time are as below.

Sangeetha said...

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