Thursday, June 22, 2006

'Confessions in Groups of Five' Meme

I have been tagged by the ever-friendly Nandita for this meme. Thanks, Nandita. I was really looking forward to being tagged for this one.

5 items in my freezer

1. Frozen vegetables
2. Frozen herbs
3. Frozen strawberries
4. Our first tub of ice-cream this year (It's a yummilicious walnut ice-cream with lots 'n' lots of walnut pieces.)
5. Frozen leftovers

5 items in my closet

1. My broken Mangalsutra. My daughter pulled and broke it last December. I haven't gone to India after that. That poor thing is still awaiting repairs.
2. My perfum bottles. Too precious to be kept on the dressing table coz my little one pulls down everything from there.
3. A couple of sarees and Salwar Kameez sets, which haven't seen the light of the day in the last 7-8 months.
4. Lesser number of hangers than clothes. Some of the hangers are carrying three pairs of trousers on them. :)
5. Dust from the lint of clothes. Eewwww...

5 items in my car

1. My daughter's toys
2. Music cassettes - some with Hindi songs, some with nursery rhymes
3. One Europe atlas, one Düsseldorf Atlas
4. Tissue
5. A chewing gum, which is badly stuck to one of the rear mats. I think it came there clinging to somebody's shoe and then just decided to make our car its home. That darn thing doesn't want to come off at all. Any suggestions there?

5 items in my purse

1. My daughter's and my own health insurance cards
2. Several store loyalty cards. I love the whole business of collecting reward points and then dreaming of all the nice things that I'll get for 'free' by redeeming those points. Oh, how I love it!
3. A one rupee note, which has been there for a couple of years now. There was no reason behind keeping it there in the beginning really. Now I have got superstitious about it.
4. My Driving License
5. My husband's visiting card. Just in case I fainted on the road, they should know whom to call up!

I would like to tag Ashwini, Linda, Nila, Pushpa, Shammi and Sumitha for this meme.


afp763389 said...

:) pleased to meet U... greetings...
take care & good luck & have a nice day

Puspha said...

Hey, this sounds a good one. I have many similarities with u. Thanx for tagging me.

shammi said...

aha, I see i've been tagged :) Watch out for this meme in my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Re: the chewing gum... put the whole mat in the freezer, then chip off the frozen gum.

Ashwini said...

In case you faint on the road??? :-)
Thanks for tagging me..will get to it asap

enewss said...

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Vaishali said...

AFP, I indeed had a nice day. Thanks for wishing me one.

Pushpa, the biggest 'un'similarity that we have is that you are a gifted baker. :)

Shammi, I knew you'd be game.

Anon, thank you so much for that tip. I am sure it will work.

Ashwini, looking forward to your post.

eNewss Team, thanks for the invitation.

Anonymous said...

5 things about your blog:
1. Good Photos
2. Conversation style write-ups
3. A dash of humour
4. Detailed instructions
5. New ideas all the time

No wonder I like to visit it regularly


genny said...

re the chewing gum - if you don't fancy putting it in the freezer, apparently eucalyptus oil has some success with removing gum.

Linda said...

Hi Vaishali,

Thanks for the tag... I'll get right to work. Your kohlrabi dish looks lovely, too! :)

Annita said...

Wonderful way of writing...Good blog..I think i'm visiting your blog for first time..

Meeta said...

Hey V.

I just love the way Memes travel the length of the world - I was memed by Pam in Switzerland, I memed Nandita (among others) in Bombay and she memed you back in Germany.

I enjoyed this one too!

Nandita said...

lol- nice one,going by one of the comments above, you will sure have one more item in your freezer, car mat with a stuck up chewing gum LOLLLLLL

Krithika said...

Lesser number of hangers than clothes :-)That's the state of my closet too

Nila said...

Thanks for tagging me Vaishali, Will play it soon.
Nice list and I had fun reading it. :-)
Regarding Kohlrabi, Your photo is very clear. I haven't tasted this veggie before so just want to know how the taste is gonna be when I try, that's why. Thanks for clearing
that out dear.


Vaishali said...

TOA, thanks! *grin*

Thank you so much for the tip, Genny.

Looking forward to your post, Linda.

Thanks for the compliments, Annita.

Meeta, good thinking! Memes do travel around the world, don't they?

Nandita, clever of you!

We can form a club, Krithika. :)

Thanks for coming back on that, Nila.

Anupama said...

Vaishali if you cant gt rid of the chewing gum just get rid of the car and buy a new one.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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