Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Do you know your blog-buddies?

When I saw this quiz on spices by Santhi, I thought : Why not a quiz about our fellow-bloggers? Ok, we don't know each other that well, but there are always a few bits of information to be seen in some corners. :)

By the way, before I start, let me make it clear that the questions are not in any particular order. No preference or priority here. I just went on writing as it came to my mind.

If you know who I am talking about, then just leave your answers in the comments section. I'll publish the answers, when the time is right(!). And hey, if I have not included you in the quiz, it's just that I didn't think of anything quizzy. I appreciate you as a fellow-blogger anyway.

One more important thing: Do you really wanna get into the temptation of reading others' comments? (You must have got caught copying in school exams then!)

----------- Spoiler follows ----------------

Ok, then. Get ready for the answers, Folks.

1. If it is weekend, she must be baking. - Pushpa with her Weekend Baking Sessions

2. No, they don't preach Geeta here. It's just a food blog. - Krishna & Arjuna's World

3. Let's see how her lemon pickle turns out in the end. - Manisha. Check out her lemon pickle.

4. He is a ... well, that itself is a clue. Mela kya? Sorry, mila kya? - Tony with his Curry Mela. The only man running a food-blog apart from VKN .

5. She shows us the 'roads' to healthy weight-loss. A weight-watcher's Utopia? - Neelu of Crossroads.

6. It's two separate bloggers. Both of them have non-Indian partners and both went on separate trips to the US recently. Do you know them? - Meeta and Shammi.

7. She never got to celebrate her birthday in school with her mates. Neither did she cut a cake as we know it. - Ashwini of Food for Thought. Read this post for more info.

8. Her name is Nalyavan. Doesn't sound right? Well, you just have to change your perspective and you'll know it. - Lavannya aka Perspective.

9. She always writes 'without fax'. Sorry, what was that again? - Mythili. She often ends her posts with the words 'without wax'. An important line from this Dan Brown novel.

10. I wonder why she took her turtle-neck sweaters from the US to Mumbai. - Nandita. The answer to this question is here.

Thank you ALL for participating. It was great fun!


Vineela said...

Hey Vaishali,

Ashwini said...

Am I the first one to comment? Yay Yay :-)
Here go my answers -
1) Pusiva
2) KrishnaArjuna
3) Manisha
4) Anthony
5) Neelu
6) Shammi/ Meeta
7) Gasp/
8) Lavanya
9) Mythili

One quiz question for you -
This blogger comes up with creative/ whacky ideas on her blog that give her blog buddies a good time. Need more clues? :-)

Mythili said...

1. PuSiva's studio
2. -
3. Manisha
4. Anthony
5. -
6.Lima beans (sury and cesar)
7. Aswhini ( and me too :P )
8. -
9. Its meee :D :D It's without wax you silly :P
10. Aww i know her .. but i dont remember .. damn

Vineela said...

6.lima loves delhi sury,ceaser,lulu

Mythili said...

That was sooo much fun doing !!! I was very honest about my answers too.. I did not copy them from Ashwini.

Nice idea Vaish *hug* *hug*

Manisha said...

What fun!! How will I ever get any work done?!

1. Pushpa with her weekend baking sessions
2. Krishna and Arjuna!
3. Yikes! Me! It's ready much before timeand resting. Got totally taken in by the salmon!
4. Bachelor Boy
5. Neelu with her health foods
6. Meeta who went to CA and barbecued in Michigan and Shammi, who zipped from coast to coast in 16 days!
7. Ashwini (has to be! with her tavsalli)
8. Lavannya, the Gujarati lady in Bangalore
9. Waxy lady Mythili
10. Nandita - this one I got only because of her sweaters!

Very cool, Vaishali!! You should do this more often! I love the way you played with words.

shilpa said...

Well..Thats a very very funny quiz Vaishali. I couldn't guess two (5 and 8 to be precise), but others were easy :D.
Thanks for such a lovely post :).

Meeta said...

Hey Vaishali,

Great idea so here goes nothing!

1. If it's baking it's gotta be Pushpa
2. -
3. Manisha ... who else
4. Tony our true blue man in the middle of us hens!
5. Healthy food ... I am guessing here Neelu
6. This ones easy - Shammi and me! ;-)
7. Lovely Ash ... how can I not guess her
10. Sweaters in Mumbai I only know one girl crazy enough to do that - Nandita

Vaishali you are wild!

Priya said...

1. Pushpa
2. Krishna & Arjuna
3. Kay
4. Antony
5. Neelu
6. Shammi & Meeta
7. Ashwini
9. Mythili
10. Nandita

Whew ! thats was quick and lots of fun. I wish i had taken so much of interest during my schooling and college.

KrishnaArjuna said...

I am going to try my hand at this quiz.

1 Pushpa
2 huhmmm.. Myself
3 Manisha
4 Anthony
7 Ashwini
9 Mythili
10 Nandita

As I reached the end of compiling this list I knew I don't socialize enough in the blogverse. This quiz was a really good idea Vaishali! Thanks for letting me introspect myself :-)

shammi said...

This is fun, Vaish! :) i might not get many correct answers but I'll try anyway :)

1. Puspha
2. Krishna & Arjuna
3. Manisha
4. Anthony
5. ?
6. Me and Meeta :)
7. ?
8. ?
9. Mythili

:) I know I've "passed" even if not in First Division! :D

Nabeela said...

1. Pushpa
2. Krishna Arjuna
3. Manisha
4. Anthony
5. Kay?
6. Meeta?
7. ??
8. ??
9. ??
10. Nandita
Hope I got some of them right...

Linda said...

This was great fun to read Vaishali! I was able to guess at least half.

I have one for you:
This blogger is interested in etymology -- and it's no wonder. She's always cooking up tons of brain food ;)

santhi said...

This is a cool quiz....
and I cheated :):):):):)

I got 8 before cheating and 10 after :):):):):)
And Thank you for the mention here vaishali. Appreciate it.

Revathi said...

1 is pusiva
4 is anthony
5 i have her name in my throat but not coming out --
6 also I know she is in germany.. even her face i remember she is a tamil.. but name is not coming.

Ok thats it. I am going to "see" others answers thats after handing over my answer paper madam he he hee !!!

Hey this is a GREAT GREAT ONE.

Revathi said...

Ok ok I am going to be more more regular in memorizing all the blog content.. I am really bad.. Priya Manisha tooooo bad.. U know all answers I am jealous hu hu huuuu

Anonymous said...

hahaha!That was really fantastic! Looks like I dont know a lot of food blogs! Very very cute of you to do this! Enjoyed it!

madhu said...

hey nice one,
I am new...but i know 3 correct answers..... :)

Faffer said...

This blogger has one of the coolest blog names IMO. I wonder who that might be?

Nice one. We need more such fun quizzes, whatsay? Btw, I think I got 7/8 right - compared my answers with Ashwini's.

perspective said...

My My...that was a very very interesting little game...

Most of your blogger friends guessed is correctly! excellent...
I see lots of them couldnt guess me...:)... perhaps I am still less known in this food blogging world.

Thanks for having me on the quiz too Vaish... are totally fun!

Priya Bhaskaran said...

wow vaishali.... Intersting thought:) I think I am too late in checking out the quiz... many have answered already:)

Neelu said...

1. ?
2. Krishna & Arjuna
3. ?
4. Anthony
5. Me
6. ?
7. Ashwini
9. ?
10. Nandita .... Hehehee

50% is not a good score... I need to know my fellow bloggers more....I m happy i atleast know some ppl. I dint even think that in one day soo many ppl will reply and when i sat to solve it most of them had already answered the question paper. Who can wait long to solve such a interesting quiz ? Good job vaish.....looks like all of us should come up with such fun stuff once a while to keep the flame burning :)

Nandita said...

Hahahahhaaha, Im too late to get here-blame it on the time difference! So i'm not taking a shot at answering, lest you blame me for being a copycat in school. But this one shows there are quite a few people who have read my confessions coz most of them seem to have got the 10th one right....Burpy girl...this was one hell of a fun write up

Nandita said...

Three Cheers to Priya, for guessing all 10...Kudos to you girl!

Nandita said...

and Ashwini ofcourse!

Sumitha said...

Wow what a refreshing change to read this post among all other food posts!You are a lovely person Vaish!

nav said...

That is a cool quiz Vaishali! We all can do with such great twists in our daily lives.. Please keep them coming!

RP said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....I am late to this party.. But really enjoyed the questions and answers.

Krithika said...

This is a good one. Really enjoyed ! I got 4 right.

BDSN said...

Hey Vaishali..
I did not participate as I was not a good guesser but I just love the mystery involved..SO please share your answers fast..I cant carry the suspense for too long!!

Krithika said...


Thank you so much for sending me the code for recipe index. It was so easy :-)

Vaishali said...

Thank you, Guys. Thank you so much for responding with such enthusiasm. 31 comments in less than 24 hours! Phenomenal. I love being a food-blogger and being amongst all of you.

Ashwini & Manisha, who leaked the question paper to you? ;-)
Anyway, well done, my ladies! You have won a Gift Hamper each full of loads of kind comments at your next posts. ;-) ;-)

Ashwini said...

Kind comments hmmmm....okay okay I will takt it :-)
Vaish why dont you make this a weekly thing? Just one question per week. It'd give us a chance to get to know our buddies. Wot say?

Nila said...

I am late for the game :(. Anyways I got 6 correct answers, that makes me :D. This is a fun, wonderful idea Vaish.

Manisha said...

I subscribe to all your feeds on Bloglines. My work requires me to be online most of the time and my reader is usually always open in a separate window. I love to see what new recipes are out in the 'sphere. It's amazing how many memories are brought to the fore by your posts, as well as Ashwini's and Shilpa's posts. And then there is this new world of cuisine from the southern states of India which extends beyond idli-dosa-sambar-rasam. And then there are surprises like this which is like a sweet cherry in a bowl of blogs!

Priya said...

Oh My God....I was late for the exam..can I have a re-test Mam :-)

Puspha said...

GOSH!!!!!! I´m sooooo late. Was away from my comp for 3 days. Anyway, thanx for including me. I´m very happy that many know me.

Kudos to u dear Vaishali. U r incredible. Sehr gut!!!

Vaishali said...

Thank you all for those nice words. It feels nice to be appreciated.
Manisha, thank you so much. That was touching.

Indira said...

Aah... I missed all the fun. I haven't been doing much blog surfing lately and missing all things fun. :)

What an entertaining idea. Keep it up, Vaishali.

Nandita said...

Your idea was a great hit Vaishali, we must do this often, so that we get to know the bloggers around this- you get a distinction is this test for coming up with such a creative idea!

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